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PCB Fabrication

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Choosing A Material For Your Lanyard – A Guide

Lanyards are crazy popular among students, employees, and event organizers.Not only do they make you look good, they also serve as a means to identify you with your school, company, or your event. The wearing of lanyards has even transformed into an inexpensive fashion trend, which has made custom lanyard businesses quite lucrative nowadays. A well-designed lanyard will be naturally be worn by people when they’re outside the office or even after quite some time has passed after an event. It permeates a sense of loyalty to the brand associated with the lanyard, which makes people proud to wear them as it shows their support and desire to be associated with the brand. There are many established companies that produce custom lanyards.

Dye-sub-lanyardsIf you’re don’t know anyone, you can visit us at We’ll be thrilled if our services interest but now, we’re here to help people make informed choices in lanyard customization.If you’re interested in getting your own custom lanyard, knowing the different kinds of materials that you can choose from will allow you pick the best style that will suit you and your organization.

The styles that lanyards are commonly made in are polyester, nylon, woven, cord, tubular, and dye sublimated. Normal polyester lanyards are the most popular option because of their affordability and due to the ease of printing designs on them. Silk screen-printing, ensures that the quality and clarity of your design is maintained once printed on the polyester finish. The material is also designed to maintain its quality for a long time. Woven lanyards, on the other hand, are made from the same material as its polyester counterpart. However, your design is instead woven on the material with the use of high quality,multi-color thread. As the name suggests, all the text and design are embroidered onto the material, which makes it a good choice for long-term use, as they are durable and very resistant to fading.

Tubular lanyards have a thicker makeup and mildly resemble shoelaces as they are stitched into tubes with polyester.This is an ideal style for those who want to go for comfort and convenience, due to its double-sided structure and ease for compact carry. You can easily bring it around without having to worry about creasing or deformation. Moving on, if you want unsurpassed quality, nylon lanyards are the best way to go. Similar to a normal polyester lanyard, it also uses silkscreen printing for its text and design but has a smoother finish and more shine put into it. Nylon is usually chosen to emphasize the logos or art on its shiny background, ensuring you of a high quality, glossy finish for your designs.This kind of lanyard is ideal for events, expositions, as well as conventions as it’ll be the first thing to stand out and is a good way to promote your brand even after the event is over.

If the designs on your lanyards feature a lot of color and patterns, the premium dye-sublimated style allow you to achieve a full palette of colors and patterns. For those who prefer to be more liberal and artistic with their design, this kind of lanyard gives you the most customizability. For an affordable price, it extends your options for premium and wholesome designs. The downside to this type of lanyard is that the process for dye-sublimation makes it difficult to proof and match the colors of your lanyard to the tones used in your original design.

If you want an accurate color match, look for a supplier that offers you proofing services for free. You can visit us at if you want to see how we work to get art proofs that are as accurate as possible.Lastly, the cord lanyard brings you a fresh style that brings exceptional comfort due to its lightweight makeup that is 1/4” in diameter and 36” in length. Although there is less space for your design, it is the most cost-efficient out of all and adds to a clean, and mini malistic appeal that is suited for text logos and messages.

Knowing which style is best for you will depend on the type of your company, the purpose for issuing lanyards, and the final design of course.In terms of pricing, lanyards tend to be cheaper per piece as the quantity you order decreases. Generally, woven along with nylon lanyards tend to be the more costly the fewer you order while tubular and polyester lanyards are the cheapest. Choosing the style and material of your lanyard is simply one of the initial steps of the process. Other aspects such as getting into the habit of checking your color proofs is also a good thing to practice to ensure your design comes in the correct colors. Be sure to ask your supplier for pan tone matching as this helps them produce your lanyards faster.

The great thing about lanyard producers similar to us as you can observe in is that wallow full customization, giving you the freedom to choose the size, color, attachments, and several other specifications.Through our help, you can easily build a lanyard that fits your needs and those of the people in your events or organization.

If you need a deeper breakdown of each material and the other options you can choose from, feel free to check us out once again at

A Buyer’s Guide to Proper Golf apparel

Golf is a traditional game that puts a lot of emphasis on etiquette. Unlike, other sports that require the participants to wear a uniform, this game give golfers the choice to select their own Golf apparel. However, most courses and clubs do implement a dress code. What is considered appropriate attire tend to vary depending on the course where they are playing. A lot of the more exclusive courses tend to have a stricter dress code.

For male golfers, this means a polo-shirt with a collar. Fashionable shirts can be purchase  in various colors and styles only on Long-sleeve polo shirts are also permitted. Expensive statement t-shirts are not acceptable, regardless of how cute they may be.

choice to select their own Golf apparel

Gym and denim shorts are also prohibited in most courses. Comfortable fitting trousers and knee high shorts especially designed for golfing are the suitable choices. Golfers can also have outerwear such as jackets and sweaters for cold weather.


For women, Golf apparel consists of shirts that have a collar. Some courses accept tops that don’t have collars, so long as they look appropriate to the environment. Skirts are a favorite garment to wear among women golfers. They provide the style of a skirt, matched with the coverage of a pair of shorts. This is vital since the garments that golfers wear have to accommodate their movements. Trousers and Bermuda shorts are also good alternatives.

It’s very important for golfers to match their sports attire with the suitable footwear. A pair of golfing shoes with plastic spikes is the best choice. Most courses don’t allow the use of athletic shoes with metallic spikes. Those who have just recently picked up the game of golfing can use their tennis shoes.

Municipal courses are more lenient when it comes to their dress codes. These are courses that are typically open to the general public. The fee to play in these places tends to be relatively cheaper. Some of these courses admit golfers wearing more casual active wear. The best thing to do would be to call ahead, so golfers can know what to expect and dress accordingly.

Golfers are on the move a lot. A round of 18 holes takes several hours to complete. There are some tournaments that don’t allow the use of golf carts. On average, golfers will have to walk from anywhere to six to eight miles on foot. It’s important for golfers to wear polo-shirts that are made from fabrics that are light and drapes over the body in a comfortable way. Cotton is frequently used since it’s a breathable fabric that absorbs perspiration effectively.

For women, skirts and shorts are often made from stretchable fabrics that wick away sweat. There are constant innovations happening in modern sportswear. Nowadays, designers are coming up with new techniques to weave fabrics in a way that the garments repel sweat or moisture.

One of the most convenient ways to purchase sportswear is to shop online. There are online sports shops that specialize on Golf apparel. They also sell equipment and footwear. These stores are a one stop shop for all golfing needs. They offer a variety of styles of athletic clothes. The best part is they offer big discounts on name brand sportswear.

Etiquette always has to be observed by golfers. They are expected to practice good sportsmanship during tournaments. The way they treat their opponents such as observing silence when the other player is taking his or her shot also matters. All of these elements are part of the game. The proper Golf apparel is necessary not just because they provide comfort. It’s also because wearing the proper attire is a sign of respect and a way to honor the tradition of this wonderful sport.

The Importance Of Challenge Coin

Being a member of the military is considered as one of the toughest and hardest jobs in the world. However, it is also considered as one of the most rewarding jobs. The military is known for their tradition of showing loyalty, respect, gratitude, and honor by giving away custom challenge coins to the different individuals. This tradition is being practiced from before up to now. There are a lot of stories surrounding the origin of these custom challenge coins. Some stories even dated way back World War I. Some stories may be believable.

However, the real story of the origin of these coins is not yet confirmed.

The Different Names For Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have been used in the military for a very long time now; they are also known for having different names. Some members of the military call these coins as unit coins, insignia coins, squadron’s coins, military coins, memorial coins, and commander’s coins.

Different Uses Of Challenge Coins

The military uses custom challenge coins in order to show honor, gratitude, support, and respect to the members of their units.

They are also giving away these coins when:

1.A soldier reached a very important milestone in his military career. The soldier will be given a custom challenge coin in order to celebrate this very important event.

2. Before deployment on the field for their assignments, soldiers are also given custom challenge coins in order to boost their confidence and morale.

3.Unit leaders are also giving away challenge coins to the members of their unit in order to show appreciation for him or her for being a member of his unit.

Once a soldier receives a challenge coin, he should carry this coin at all times. The coin bearer can place the coin inside his uniform’s pockets or he can also wear it as a pendant around his neck.

The Cost of Making A Challenge Coin

Challenge CoinChallenge coins are everywhere; a lot of people are using it for different purposes. Because of this, challenge coins also appear with different designs and concepts. Some coins are very simple and are made of not very expensive materials. There are also some coins which have intricate designs and are made of very expensive materials. These coins are usually engraved with precious stones and are usually made of gold. Some coins are also made of different metals such as silver, copper, nickel or brass. If a challenge coin is made of gold, it is considered as one of the most expensive ones and is usually given to members of the military who have the highest rewards and recognitions.

The Old Military Tradition: The Military Coin Game

One of the oldest and most popular use of challenge coins is the Military Coin Game. A lot of members of the military are participating on this game. Since a member of the military is expected to bring his challenge coin at all times, the Military Coin Game can also be played at all times as well. Once the challenge has been initiated, all members of the military must participate. The Military Coin Game is being played in order to know who are those who are carrying their challenge coins at all times and who are those who do not.

The Military Coin Game Rules

1. The challenger, in order to start the game, must pull out his challenge coin. He must raise it up high for everyone to see. He must also announce loudly that a military coin game is about to commence.

2. Once the game has been announced, all military personnel within the vicinity must participate. He or she must hand out his own challenge coin for coin inspection.

3. If a member of the military does not have his challenge coin with him, he must suffer the consequences. He must buy a round of drinks, which are usually alcoholic beverages, for the participants who successfully showed their challenge coin.

4. If all members who participated in the Military Coin Game were able to show their challenge coins, the challenger will be the one to buy a round of drinks for all of them.

Long Island Real Estate Selling Tips

The Long Island real estate business can be tough and competitive. If you are thinking about selling your Long Island, New York home, it is wise to remodel and upgrade specific features. Now, most people would think this is just a waste of money and energy, but think again before selling your house.

In this article, you’ll find several features that a buyer wants in a Long Island home.

home security1.Home Security System – who doesn’t want to have their homes safe from harm? Approximately 50% of buyers want this feature in their future Long Island real estate. A wireless home security system is more affordable compared to the hard-wired one so always aim for the wireless. Plus, with today’s technology, a wireless home security system can be controlled and monitored remotely with an app using a tablet or smart phone. This feature will definitely attract buyer. Cost to install: $150 – $350

2.Walk-in Pantry – Not just any pantry, it should be a walk-in pantry! 85% of buyers are looking for this kind of pantry. Most families, specially the big ones, want additional storage space in their kitchen where they can also tuck away cleaning tools like brooms and mops. Cost to install: $100 – $300

3.Eat-in Kitchen –Approximately 85% of buyers want this feature. Family and friends gather naturally in the kitchen and what could be more convenient than eating right next to the place where you cook? Eat-in kitchens add to that “feel at home” vibe. Cost to install: $1,000 ++

4.Garage with Storage Space – Almost 90% of Long Island real estate buyers prioritize this feature. Since Long Island offers a lot of water activities, homeowners want a place where they can store their water sports equipment away. Compared to a backyard shed or an attic, a garage storage space is very much preferred since it is easily accessible. Having this feature as part of your upgrade is a plus! Cost to install: Approximately $2,500 – $3,000 for a 380-foot space. This upgrade cost includes additional cabinets and other storage means for tools, additional lighting and electrical circuits.

5.Energy Star Qualified Windows, Doors and Skylights – In with modern windows and out with the old. This feature is sought by more than 90% of buyers specifically because they want to save on utility costs. This feature also provides homes with consistent comfortable indoor temperature and its ability to reduce UV sun damage to furniture. Cost to upgrade: $300 -$1,000 per window, door, or skylight.

Outside Lighting6.Outside Lighting or Exterior Lighting – This is the most-wanted feature by Long Island real estate buyers, at least according to the National Association of Home Builders. This feature is wanted for a lot of reasons which include safety, security, comfort, decor and curb appeal. Cost to install: $150 – $300 per fixture.

7.Separate Laundry room – a surprising 95% of buyers want this feature! Selling a home where the laundry is identified as to where it should be done is a huge plus! It saves the buyer the trouble of looking for a place or a room in the house where this task should be done. Cost to renovate: Approximately $3,000 – $3,500 for an 80-square foot space and that includes the replacement or installation of pipes, counters, sinks, etc.

Again, these things might be a drag for some sellers but if you want your house to sell faster in the market, you gotta give it a boost. Think about it this way: one step backward, one giant leap forward. All the best to your Long Island real estate selling pursuit!

What Can the Custom Rubber Bracelets Be Used For

The custom rubber bracelet is an essential item that an individual can use to convey a message or market a product or service. It is a highly popular item that is even being used by celebrities. When you are hosting an event, you better consider using it to your advantage as you can enjoy a number of benefits for including that among your marketing tools.

There are many uses to the rubber bracelet. It should not be that difficult to decide whether or not you will be using this particular item for marketing or charity purposes. Here are some of the common uses of the custom rubber bracelets.


Silicone WristbandsNowadays, more and more events take advantage of the custom rubber bracelet as a souvenir item. For example, a foreign singer might be coming to town as part of a tour concert. Choosing the bracelet as a souvenir for the said event is highly recommended simply because it is a very inexpensive item. If the guests have already paid a lot for the purchase of their tickets, you do not want to burden them anymore by charging them a costly fee for the bracelet.

It is not only the concerts and similar events that take advantage of the custom rubber bracelet. You might be visiting a tourist destination. Normally, you would get a shirt for a souvenir at that destination. However, there are more and more people these days who find it appealing to purchase custom rubber bracelets instead. Not only can they add that to their collections, they can use that to brag to their peers about their adventures. It is proof that they have gone to a certain tourist destination, after all.


There are events that are not organized for profit purposes. These not-for-profit events are basically hosted for charity and fund raising purposes. The organizers can prepare the custom rubber bracelet as part of the items that they will be selling during the charity and fund raising event. A lot of people will definitely purchase this bracelet not only because it is inexpensive but it is also non-intrusive when they wear it as support for the charity or fund raising purpose it was meant for.

The charity and fundraising event organizer can also take advantage of the bracelet as a souvenir or freebie. The said item can be given away for free to the people who have attended the event. This is a preferable item to use as a freebie for a charity and fund raising event simply because it does not cost much for the fund raisers. Remember that fund raisers do not necessarily have a big capital when they are organizing the event. They can prepare a freebie with the said bracelet without paying a lot of money for it then.


Fashion is not only defined by clothes and pants, after all. There are times when there are accessories that can put an accent to your sense of fashion. You should be able to use a lot of accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings when you are trying to look as good as possible.

It should be a good idea to use custom rubber bracelets as a form of fashion. Depending on its color, you can mix and match it well with the clothes you have in your closet. The good thing about the bracelet is that it can match well with most of the clothes a person has in the closet. Even when you are wearing formal clothes, the custom bracelet can still match well with what you are wearing.


It is actually amazing how the said bracelet can also be used nowadays as a form of love. All couples have to do is get a matching pair of bracelets. After that, they can each engrave their name onto the bracelet. You can imagine it the same way as you would with wedding bands. This is a proof of love that the couples can use as testament that they have dedicated themselves to their special partner.

It is only natural for couples to opt for this. After all, this is a cheaper alternative to wedding bands. Moreover, since they can customize it, they should be able to write whatever they want on the band. It is not only limited to their name. They can even have their vows engraved in the band. There are a lot of things that they can put into the bracelet’s band as a design.

With these purposes, you can say that the custom rubber bracelets have indeed made their mark. There are a lot of other uses for such accessories aside from the aforementioned ones. If you have an event, product, or service that needs a souvenir or marketing material, then the custom rubber bracelets is the best one to have.

how safety talks can help prevent harassment in the workplace

Harassment can be in the form of outright bullying, unwelcome sexual attention, or psychological, physical, and verbal attacks. It is a serious matter that can be potentially dangerous to your employees’ overall mental, physical and emotional health. Furthermore, harassment can result to poor performance and behavior, and may even force the victims to leave work for good. So, how can harassment be prevented or controlled in the workplace, and how can you help employees or colleagues that have already become victims of harassment?

Safety talks regarding harassment that are extensive, timely, and frequently conducted will help eradicate or at least lessen any form of harassment employees are often subjected to in the workplace. Through such talks, both the victims and perpetuators can be advised and educated properly on all areas covering harassment.

Less is not always more

sefty talkIn conducting safety talks about harassment, you do not have to glaze over the details. In fact, it is important that you are very meticulous, making sure that nothing crucial is overlooked. Remember that this involves your employees’ overall health and welfare. A happy, comfortable and reassured employee is a productive, high-performing employee. Make sure that you in stil to each employee the importance of identifying the different types of harassment, their consequences, how to avoid them, and what to do if one experiences them.

Keep it timely and up-to-date

Your safety talks on harassment should be timely and cover updated topics; otherwise, it would be pointless to conduct them at all. For instance, if you’re going to discuss sexual harassment, make sure that the details represent what is actually happening in reality. This could be about sexual harassment using different mediums such as social media or mobile communication devices, not just through face-to-face interaction. Remember that as things become more advanced, so do crimes, other offences, and the people committing them. The good news is as a victim, you can also use these advanced methods to report or escalate a harassment issue.

Make it regular and official

It doesn’t matter if employees get tired of hearing about the importance of discussing harassment in safety talks. This is not only for the benefit of tenured employees, but also for the newly hired ones who need to be equally informed. It is important that you regularly conduct discussions on harassment and make it official to show that this kind of act is not tolerated in the workplace.

Furthermore, in a hectic work environment, even tenured employees can forget and become misinformed about the subject of harassment. Conducting regular talks on harassment can help remind or re-educate even old employees.

Encourage employees to speak up

Safety talks are the perfect venue to raise issues as they happen so that people in authority can make the appropriate action. It is also a way of promoting self-confidence to victims since they can get immediate support and help from other colleagues. The more people get involved, the lesser the burden it will be for the victims of harassment. They can share their experiences to others to appease themselves and at the same time, provide advice to other employees on how to avoid and fight against harassment.

Of course, as a manager or employer, it is important that you involve yourself directly in these harassment cases, especially if it concerns your direct employee. Conducting discussions on this sensitive issue is just the first step; you also have to make sure that you follow through and are available to support and help the victims as much as you can. Teach them how to say no to harassment—and actually mean it.

Your Safety talks on harassment should be timely and cover updated topics; otherwise, it would be pointless to conduct them at all.

Most Useful Tools and Features you’ll want in a Digital Sign Software

There are practically hundreds of digital sign software providers in the market. They all offer something on their own, be it add-on tools or value chain component integration. But some tools just don’t work, as they are filled with a boatload of unnecessary features (and yet cost so much), while others are priced reasonably and competitively yet still provide the more practical and easy-to-use applications.

Digital Sign Software
If you are searching for such software because of a digital signage project, you most probably have an idea of your requirements for the software. If you have a project theme or specifications, you’ll easily know what features you’d want in your software purchase. It’s more economical to choose one that has everything you need. Don’t be swayed by excessive service as those usually entail added-value costs.

If all you know is you have a digital signage project to accomplish soon, and you’re not exactly sure you know what to look for, here is a rundown of some of the most useful tools and features you would want in your prospective digital sign software:

•    Easily navigable interface –
unless you have a design expert who can handle complicated tool layouts and crowded interfaces, you’d want the software that has a creator that you can easily navigate and use.

•    Input and Output format Options –
you need to choose the software that will have an output format that is compatible with the display devices that you will use. Input media formats are also a consideration when choosing; you’ll want one that can handle most of the available formats popular among digital media.

•    File Manager/Playlist Manager –
Software that has its own file and playlist manager will remove the need for constant edits that will interrupt your display. Having such managers will also remove the risk of data loss when transferring across different hosting devices.

•    Social Media Connectivity Apps –
since everyone is practically connected to the internet all the time, having displays with features connected to social media content will provide interactivity as well as a modern-day updated trinket to your signage.

•    Pre-designed Templates –
Choosing a digital sign software that has a wider range of pre-designed functional and complete templates will let you see what you can do while giving the creator ideas on what works together and which ones don’t.

•    Aspect Ratio and Resolution Options –
with the many types of digital display panels and devices popping out in the market today, aspect ratio and resolution issues are big factors in choosing tools. It is part of display 101 to avoid distortions and unattractive stretching or shrinking in digital signs.

•    Content Display Customization Tools –
mini-features like control over rounded corners, shadows and such other customizations on the contents’ presentation appearance is more important than more people think. Displaying media content in their native forms will limit your creative choices. And no matter how you look at it, flat, unedited portions of supposed digital signs are drab and boring, not worth a person’s attention.

•    RSS Tickers and Web Streaming Options –
being able to stream RSS content and stream particular site content at specific schedules can be a great plus to digital sign softwares. Less edits, less interruptions of display.

•    Audio and Video Streaming Options –
for smaller ad manageable displays, video and audio content can be both attractive and functional. Music or scheduled advisory messages are pluses and streaming headliners or promotional videos never hurt, too.

•    Text, Image, Image Slideshow, Video and Audio content –
The formats they come in are common enough that they should be handled well and their appearance customizable in your prospective software.

•    Integrated Scheduler –
rather than purchasing separate scheduler software, why not go and have one of those designing software with a scheduler already integrated in?

So those are the more popular features and tools requested in these softwares. Maybe you even had an inspiration while you read through them and now you know what you can put up in your signage. The important thing is to have the digital sign software that has all the options, tools, and specifications that you require and that can be purchased at a reasonable price for its quality performance.