Long Island Real Estate Selling Tips

The Long Island real estate business can be tough and competitive. If you are thinking about selling your Long Island, New York home, it is wise to remodel and upgrade specific features. Now, most people would think this is just a waste of money and energy, but think again before selling your house.

In this article, you’ll find several features that a buyer wants in a Long Island home.

home security1.Home Security System – who doesn’t want to have their homes safe from harm? Approximately 50% of buyers want this feature in their future Long Island real estate. A wireless home security system is more affordable compared to the hard-wired one so always aim for the wireless. Plus, with today’s technology, a wireless home security system can be controlled and monitored remotely with an app using a tablet or smart phone. This feature will definitely attract buyer. Cost to install: $150 – $350

2.Walk-in Pantry – Not just any pantry, it should be a walk-in pantry! 85% of buyers are looking for this kind of pantry. Most families, specially the big ones, want additional storage space in their kitchen where they can also tuck away cleaning tools like brooms and mops. Cost to install: $100 – $300

3.Eat-in Kitchen –Approximately 85% of buyers want this feature. Family and friends gather naturally in the kitchen and what could be more convenient than eating right next to the place where you cook? Eat-in kitchens add to that “feel at home” vibe. Cost to install: $1,000 ++

4.Garage with Storage Space – Almost 90% of Long Island real estate buyers prioritize this feature. Since Long Island offers a lot of water activities, homeowners want a place where they can store their water sports equipment away. Compared to a backyard shed or an attic, a garage storage space is very much preferred since it is easily accessible. Having this feature as part of your upgrade is a plus! Cost to install: Approximately $2,500 – $3,000 for a 380-foot space. This upgrade cost includes additional cabinets and other storage means for tools, additional lighting and electrical circuits.

5.Energy Star Qualified Windows, Doors and Skylights – In with modern windows and out with the old. This feature is sought by more than 90% of buyers specifically because they want to save on utility costs. This feature also provides homes with consistent comfortable indoor temperature and its ability to reduce UV sun damage to furniture. Cost to upgrade: $300 -$1,000 per window, door, or skylight.

Outside Lighting6.Outside Lighting or Exterior Lighting – This is the most-wanted feature by Long Island real estate buyers, at least according to the National Association of Home Builders. This feature is wanted for a lot of reasons which include safety, security, comfort, decor and curb appeal. Cost to install: $150 – $300 per fixture.

7.Separate Laundry room – a surprising 95% of buyers want this feature! Selling a home where the laundry is identified as to where it should be done is a huge plus! It saves the buyer the trouble of looking for a place or a room in the house where this task should be done. Cost to renovate: Approximately $3,000 – $3,500 for an 80-square foot space and that includes the replacement or installation of pipes, counters, sinks, etc.

Again, these things might be a drag for some sellers but if you want your house to sell faster in the market, you gotta give it a boost. Think about it this way: one step backward, one giant leap forward. All the best to your Long Island real estate selling pursuit!

What Can the Custom Rubber Bracelets Be Used For

The custom rubber bracelet is an essential item that an individual can use to convey a message or market a product or service. It is a highly popular item that is even being used by celebrities. When you are hosting an event, you better consider using it to your advantage as you can enjoy a number of benefits for including that among your marketing tools.

There are many uses to the rubber bracelet. It should not be that difficult to decide whether or not you will be using this particular item for marketing or charity purposes. Here are some of the common uses of the custom rubber bracelets.


Silicone WristbandsNowadays, more and more events take advantage of the custom rubber bracelet as a souvenir item. For example, a foreign singer might be coming to town as part of a tour concert. Choosing the bracelet as a souvenir for the said event is highly recommended simply because it is a very inexpensive item. If the guests have already paid a lot for the purchase of their tickets, you do not want to burden them anymore by charging them a costly fee for the bracelet.

It is not only the concerts and similar events that take advantage of the custom rubber bracelet. You might be visiting a tourist destination. Normally, you would get a shirt for a souvenir at that destination. However, there are more and more people these days who find it appealing to purchase custom rubber bracelets instead. Not only can they add that to their collections, they can use that to brag to their peers about their adventures. It is proof that they have gone to a certain tourist destination, after all.


There are events that are not organized for profit purposes. These not-for-profit events are basically hosted for charity and fund raising purposes. The organizers can prepare the custom rubber bracelet as part of the items that they will be selling during the charity and fund raising event. A lot of people will definitely purchase this bracelet not only because it is inexpensive but it is also non-intrusive when they wear it as support for the charity or fund raising purpose it was meant for.

The charity and fundraising event organizer can also take advantage of the bracelet as a souvenir or freebie. The said item can be given away for free to the people who have attended the event. This is a preferable item to use as a freebie for a charity and fund raising event simply because it does not cost much for the fund raisers. Remember that fund raisers do not necessarily have a big capital when they are organizing the event. They can prepare a freebie with the said bracelet without paying a lot of money for it then.


Fashion is not only defined by clothes and pants, after all. There are times when there are accessories that can put an accent to your sense of fashion. You should be able to use a lot of accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings when you are trying to look as good as possible.

It should be a good idea to use custom rubber bracelets as a form of fashion. Depending on its color, you can mix and match it well with the clothes you have in your closet. The good thing about the bracelet is that it can match well with most of the clothes a person has in the closet. Even when you are wearing formal clothes, the custom bracelet can still match well with what you are wearing.


It is actually amazing how the said bracelet can also be used nowadays as a form of love. All couples have to do is get a matching pair of bracelets. After that, they can each engrave their name onto the bracelet. You can imagine it the same way as you would with wedding bands. This is a proof of love that the couples can use as testament that they have dedicated themselves to their special partner.

It is only natural for couples to opt for this. After all, this is a cheaper alternative to wedding bands. Moreover, since they can customize it, they should be able to write whatever they want on the band. It is not only limited to their name. They can even have their vows engraved in the band. There are a lot of things that they can put into the bracelet’s band as a design.

With these purposes, you can say that the custom rubber bracelets have indeed made their mark. There are a lot of other uses for such accessories aside from the aforementioned ones. If you have an event, product, or service that needs a souvenir or marketing material, then the custom rubber bracelets is the best one to have.