Accessibility Through is the official website of Imagineering, Inc. Our company prides itself to be the most reliable source of excellent quality Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). Most importantly, Imagineering, Inc. as an industry leader, guarantees meeting our customers’ production specifications and ensures on time delivery of products. Today, we continue to lead in improving and looking for innovative means to provide better and faster service – that is through our highly functional website. is our way to reach out to our valued customers in the most accessible and convenient way.

By accessing our website, we are able to present who we are and what services we can offer. In the website homepage, customers are updated with the latest introductory offers and advertised specials with links for quotes and general details such as specs, file type terms, payment terms and contact details. Testimonials, also in the homepage, stands as proof that we are able to deliver and consistently meets our commitment in providing high quality service and customer satisfaction. We also have several international certifications such as those from ISO, ITAR, UL, WEEE, CCR and ORCA. In addition, a photo gallery of our machines and products in the production line may be viewed in the homepage.

PCB Fabrication

As soon as a visitor accesses, the homepage becomes the stepping stone to various links where our company products are presented and discussed in details. Links have been made available to answer queries, even simple curiosities, by means of a simple click. To get a quote or to order, the Quote/Order link on the top portion or the Instant Quote options on the lower part of the homepage may be selected. Instant Quote options includes PCB, Assembly + Boards, Boards, Introductory Offers and Place Your Bid.

In, customers and prospect clients alike can get a quotation and proceed to make online orders. Links to instant quotes are accessible for customers’ various PCB needs. Customers will just have to input board specifications and quantities before getting a quote. Moreover, our website does not only provide the fastest means of getting a quote, but also an option to order online. The status of orders is also view able through our website. For first-time visitors, it is advisable to register to get instant quotes, to order and check order status. There is also a link where price bids may be placed by customers and any reasonable price offer that we accept will be processed as an order.

Repeat orders from customers with previous completed transactions may be done by clicking on the Repeat Orders link in the homepage and then signing in using the customer’s online account with us.


Other links that show our capabilities as a company are also accessible. To have a view of our facilities and commitment to customer service, the Production link is available. Our Services, on the other hand, presents our general products and core services. In Capabilities, we present our Technology Road Map. HDI or High Density Interconnects link explains what an HDI is, why use HDI and what our product’s advantage is over the others. The Materials Available link, as how it is called, provides the list of materials we have and we can offer to customers. There is also the PCB Assembly link which discusses in detail our PCB product as produced by our highly skilled labor force using state of the art equipment. still provides customers ways to reach us – that is either through our sales team’s email or our phone number which you can find on our site. Through these means, a variety of options are given for customer to learn more about our products and for us to learn more about their individual requirements. Lastly, our website presents an overview of who we are – our history, mission and values. This is our way of reaching out and connecting through innovative and technological means without losing the quality service we have continually provided through the years.