Most Useful Tools and Features you’ll want in a Digital Sign Software

There are practically hundreds of digital sign software providers in the market. They all offer something on their own, be it add-on tools or value chain component integration. But some tools just don’t work, as they are filled with a boatload of unnecessary features (and yet cost so much), while others are priced reasonably and competitively yet still provide the more practical and easy-to-use applications.

Digital Sign Software
If you are searching for such software because of a digital signage project, you most probably have an idea of your requirements for the software. If you have a project theme or specifications, you’ll easily know what features you’d want in your software purchase. It’s more economical to choose one that has everything you need. Don’t be swayed by excessive service as those usually entail added-value costs.

If all you know is you have a digital signage project to accomplish soon, and you’re not exactly sure you know what to look for, here is a rundown of some of the most useful tools and features you would want in your prospective digital sign software:

•    Easily navigable interface –
unless you have a design expert who can handle complicated tool layouts and crowded interfaces, you’d want the software that has a creator that you can easily navigate and use.

•    Input and Output format Options –
you need to choose the software that will have an output format that is compatible with the display devices that you will use. Input media formats are also a consideration when choosing; you’ll want one that can handle most of the available formats popular among digital media.

•    File Manager/Playlist Manager –
Software that has its own file and playlist manager will remove the need for constant edits that will interrupt your display. Having such managers will also remove the risk of data loss when transferring across different hosting devices.

•    Social Media Connectivity Apps –
since everyone is practically connected to the internet all the time, having displays with features connected to social media content will provide interactivity as well as a modern-day updated trinket to your signage.

•    Pre-designed Templates –
Choosing a digital sign software that has a wider range of pre-designed functional and complete templates will let you see what you can do while giving the creator ideas on what works together and which ones don’t.

•    Aspect Ratio and Resolution Options –
with the many types of digital display panels and devices popping out in the market today, aspect ratio and resolution issues are big factors in choosing tools. It is part of display 101 to avoid distortions and unattractive stretching or shrinking in digital signs.

•    Content Display Customization Tools –
mini-features like control over rounded corners, shadows and such other customizations on the contents’ presentation appearance is more important than more people think. Displaying media content in their native forms will limit your creative choices. And no matter how you look at it, flat, unedited portions of supposed digital signs are drab and boring, not worth a person’s attention.

•    RSS Tickers and Web Streaming Options –
being able to stream RSS content and stream particular site content at specific schedules can be a great plus to digital sign softwares. Less edits, less interruptions of display.

•    Audio and Video Streaming Options –
for smaller ad manageable displays, video and audio content can be both attractive and functional. Music or scheduled advisory messages are pluses and streaming headliners or promotional videos never hurt, too.

•    Text, Image, Image Slideshow, Video and Audio content –
The formats they come in are common enough that they should be handled well and their appearance customizable in your prospective software.

•    Integrated Scheduler –
rather than purchasing separate scheduler software, why not go and have one of those designing software with a scheduler already integrated in?

So those are the more popular features and tools requested in these softwares. Maybe you even had an inspiration while you read through them and now you know what you can put up in your signage. The important thing is to have the digital sign software that has all the options, tools, and specifications that you require and that can be purchased at a reasonable price for its quality performance.