Choosing A Material For Your Lanyard – A Guide

Lanyards are crazy popular among students, employees, and event organizers.Not only do they make you look good, they also serve as a means to identify you with your school, company, or your event. The wearing of lanyards has even transformed into an inexpensive fashion trend, which has made custom lanyard businesses quite lucrative nowadays. A well-designed lanyard will be naturally be worn by people when they’re outside the office or even after quite some time has passed after an event. It permeates a sense of loyalty to the brand associated with the lanyard, which makes people proud to wear them as it shows their support and desire to be associated with the brand. There are many established companies that produce custom lanyards.

Dye-sub-lanyardsIf you’re don’t know anyone, you can visit us at We’ll be thrilled if our services interest but now, we’re here to help people make informed choices in lanyard customization.If you’re interested in getting your own custom lanyard, knowing the different kinds of materials that you can choose from will allow you pick the best style that will suit you and your organization.

The styles that lanyards are commonly made in are polyester, nylon, woven, cord, tubular, and dye sublimated. Normal polyester lanyards are the most popular option because of their affordability and due to the ease of printing designs on them. Silk screen-printing, ensures that the quality and clarity of your design is maintained once printed on the polyester finish. The material is also designed to maintain its quality for a long time. Woven lanyards, on the other hand, are made from the same material as its polyester counterpart. However, your design is instead woven on the material with the use of high quality,multi-color thread. As the name suggests, all the text and design are embroidered onto the material, which makes it a good choice for long-term use, as they are durable and very resistant to fading.

Tubular lanyards have a thicker makeup and mildly resemble shoelaces as they are stitched into tubes with polyester.This is an ideal style for those who want to go for comfort and convenience, due to its double-sided structure and ease for compact carry. You can easily bring it around without having to worry about creasing or deformation. Moving on, if you want unsurpassed quality, nylon lanyards are the best way to go. Similar to a normal polyester lanyard, it also uses silkscreen printing for its text and design but has a smoother finish and more shine put into it. Nylon is usually chosen to emphasize the logos or art on its shiny background, ensuring you of a high quality, glossy finish for your designs.This kind of lanyard is ideal for events, expositions, as well as conventions as it’ll be the first thing to stand out and is a good way to promote your brand even after the event is over.

If the designs on your lanyards feature a lot of color and patterns, the premium dye-sublimated style allow you to achieve a full palette of colors and patterns. For those who prefer to be more liberal and artistic with their design, this kind of lanyard gives you the most customizability. For an affordable price, it extends your options for premium and wholesome designs. The downside to this type of lanyard is that the process for dye-sublimation makes it difficult to proof and match the colors of your lanyard to the tones used in your original design.

If you want an accurate color match, look for a supplier that offers you proofing services for free. You can visit us at if you want to see how we work to get art proofs that are as accurate as possible.Lastly, the cord lanyard brings you a fresh style that brings exceptional comfort due to its lightweight makeup that is 1/4” in diameter and 36” in length. Although there is less space for your design, it is the most cost-efficient out of all and adds to a clean, and mini malistic appeal that is suited for text logos and messages.

Knowing which style is best for you will depend on the type of your company, the purpose for issuing lanyards, and the final design of course.In terms of pricing, lanyards tend to be cheaper per piece as the quantity you order decreases. Generally, woven along with nylon lanyards tend to be the more costly the fewer you order while tubular and polyester lanyards are the cheapest. Choosing the style and material of your lanyard is simply one of the initial steps of the process. Other aspects such as getting into the habit of checking your color proofs is also a good thing to practice to ensure your design comes in the correct colors. Be sure to ask your supplier for pan tone matching as this helps them produce your lanyards faster.

The great thing about lanyard producers similar to us as you can observe in is that wallow full customization, giving you the freedom to choose the size, color, attachments, and several other specifications.Through our help, you can easily build a lanyard that fits your needs and those of the people in your events or organization.

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