The Importance Of Challenge Coin

Being a member of the military is considered as one of the toughest and hardest jobs in the world. However, it is also considered as one of the most rewarding jobs. The military is known for their tradition of showing loyalty, respect, gratitude, and honor by giving away custom challenge coins to the different individuals. This tradition is being practiced from before up to now. There are a lot of stories surrounding the origin of these custom challenge coins. Some stories even dated way back World War I. Some stories may be believable.

However, the real story of the origin of these coins is not yet confirmed.

The Different Names For Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have been used in the military for a very long time now; they are also known for having different names. Some members of the military call these coins as unit coins, insignia coins, squadron’s coins, military coins, memorial coins, and commander’s coins.

Different Uses Of Challenge Coins

The military uses custom challenge coins in order to show honor, gratitude, support, and respect to the members of their units.

They are also giving away these coins when:

1.A soldier reached a very important milestone in his military career. The soldier will be given a custom challenge coin in order to celebrate this very important event.

2. Before deployment on the field for their assignments, soldiers are also given custom challenge coins in order to boost their confidence and morale.

3.Unit leaders are also giving away challenge coins to the members of their unit in order to show appreciation for him or her for being a member of his unit.

Once a soldier receives a challenge coin, he should carry this coin at all times. The coin bearer can place the coin inside his uniform’s pockets or he can also wear it as a pendant around his neck.

The Cost of Making A Challenge Coin

Challenge CoinChallenge coins are everywhere; a lot of people are using it for different purposes. Because of this, challenge coins also appear with different designs and concepts. Some coins are very simple and are made of not very expensive materials. There are also some coins which have intricate designs and are made of very expensive materials. These coins are usually engraved with precious stones and are usually made of gold. Some coins are also made of different metals such as silver, copper, nickel or brass. If a challenge coin is made of gold, it is considered as one of the most expensive ones and is usually given to members of the military who have the highest rewards and recognitions.

The Old Military Tradition: The Military Coin Game

One of the oldest and most popular use of challenge coins is the Military Coin Game. A lot of members of the military are participating on this game. Since a member of the military is expected to bring his challenge coin at all times, the Military Coin Game can also be played at all times as well. Once the challenge has been initiated, all members of the military must participate. The Military Coin Game is being played in order to know who are those who are carrying their challenge coins at all times and who are those who do not.

The Military Coin Game Rules

1. The challenger, in order to start the game, must pull out his challenge coin. He must raise it up high for everyone to see. He must also announce loudly that a military coin game is about to commence.

2. Once the game has been announced, all military personnel within the vicinity must participate. He or she must hand out his own challenge coin for coin inspection.

3. If a member of the military does not have his challenge coin with him, he must suffer the consequences. He must buy a round of drinks, which are usually alcoholic beverages, for the participants who successfully showed their challenge coin.

4. If all members who participated in the Military Coin Game were able to show their challenge coins, the challenger will be the one to buy a round of drinks for all of them.